ATOR Mining vs BitcoinZ Mining (Zhash Mining)

BitcoinZ Mining: An Overview

Bitcoin Z, a community-driven cryptocurrency, operates on the Zhash Proof-of-Work algorithm, a variant of Equihash designed to be ASIC-resistant.

This attribute is particularly appealing to miners who wish to use their personal computer’s GPU for mining.

The intention is to lower the entry barrier for mining and keep the process decentralized.

ATOR Mining vs BitcoinZ Mining Comparison

Ok lets compare the numbers for ATOR mining vs Bitcoin Z mining / Zhash mining, this is what you came here for right?


Lets start with ATOR, what are the entry costs to start mining?

The current tokenomics tell us on page 12 found here: that the first 1000 relays will cost 0.1 ETH plus 250 ATOR and 100 ATOR will need to be locked into a contract for 180 days. We will use this as the base cost of the ATOR device, lets convert these numbers into USD for ease of comparison.

A total cost of $393.79 USD to start mining ATOR.


Lets switch to BitcoinZ, what are the entry costs to start mining?

We need to buy an equivalent BitcoinZ capable mining graphics card. At the time of writing this article an Asus 4060 TI 8GB model is for sale for $399 USD

There are no official numbers for Zhash running on the 4060 Ti, so we’ve used the hash rate numbers from the RTX 4070 which is higher in specifications and double the price in order to create this comparison. This should favor BitcoinZ mining more.

The hash rate for Zhash using a RTX 4070 is 135h/s

The Results ATOR Mining vs BitcoinZ Mining

BitcoinZ Mining Results

The rewards for mining BitcoinZ using a RTX 4070 with an electricity cost of $0.2 /kwh (which is under the national average) is actually negative.

= a loss of 0.50 cents per day mining BitzoinZ.

You would need to be on nuclear power at  very low cost, plus in a cold area to generate any profit from Bitzoin Z mining.

ATOR Mining Results

On page 18 of the tokenomics document from ATOR: we can clearly see based on ATOR’s estimates running a hardware relay provides a positive mining return yearly especially if you have the multiplier they discuss in their tokenomics.

In subsequent years due to the anticpated token price appreciation and growth of the ecosystem, this ROI accelerates, especially if you hold the token long term.

Currently ATOR only has around 1000 relays deployed (Oct 2023). This means the returns are approximately $3000 USD per year, per relay.  

At 5000 relays deployed, you are generating double the hardware relay cost per year in the first year. 

If you are interested in mining ATOR:

  • Be sure to fill out this form linkied here -> form, it sends an alert notice directly to the ATOR team so they can notify you when the hardware relays become available.
  • Be sure you stock up on ATOR now in order to buy the relays when they come out. You will require ATOR to buy the relay itself, and 100 ATOR locked in a contract so $400-500 USD ATOR at current prices should suffice (Oct 2023). 

The Challenges of BitcoinZ Mining

Despite its admirable attributes, Bitcoin Z mining presents certain challenges.

The need for a reasonably powerful GPU, coupled with high energy consumption, can be a deterrent for many potential miners.

Moreover, the process of setting up mining rigs and optimizing them for efficiency is not always straightforward for the average computer user.

The ATOR Revolution: A New Approach to Mining

ATOR offers a fresh perspective on cryptocurrency mining, making it more equitable, accessible, and beneficial to a wider audience. Unlike BitcoinZ, which rewards computational power, ATOR rewards the consensus weight of a miner’s contribution to the Tor network.

This model enables anyone with an internet connection and a device to contribute and receive rewards, effectively lowering the entry barrier even further.

The Benefits of ATOR Mining

ATOR’s approach to mining has several distinct advantages. By rewarding uptime and bandwidth contribution, ATOR doesn’t require the high-powered hardware that BitcoinZ does, reducing energy consumption and the upfront cost of expensive GPUs.

Furthermore, it directly contributes to the growth and resilience of the Tor network, a critical tool for privacy and censorship resistance globally.

The Superior Accessibility of ATOR Mining

ATOR mining allows almost anyone to participate in the mining process. The only requirements are an internet connection, an ATOR node, and the willingness to contribute to the Tor network.

By focusing on consensus weight, ATOR makes it more challenging for large corporations to dominate the mining landscape, further promoting decentralization and egalitarianism.

ATOR vs BitcoinZ: The Verdict

ATOR’s unique approach to mining makes it a superior choice for most miners. It promotes a more equitable, decentralized, and globally beneficial model compared to the traditional GPU-centric model of BitcoinZ. While BitcoinZ’s ASIC-resistance is admirable, ATOR takes accessibility and positive global impact a step further.

For miners who value accessibility, low energy consumption, and contributing to a cause that bolsters global privacy and free speech, ATOR mining emerges as the clear winner.

Final Thoughts: ATOR as a Pioneer in Cryptocurrency Mining

ATOR represents a groundbreaking shift in the cryptocurrency mining paradigm.

It not only addresses the shortcomings of traditional mining systems but also aligns itself with a critical global cause. This makes ATOR mining not just an economical choice, but also an ethical one for miners worldwide.